Unicorn Class and Lion Class have each been flying rockets within Science lessons this half term. See if you can spot your child within our gallery of photos below.

Harvest Celebrations October 2020

This week, the whole School have been celebrating Harvest in their different classes. It has been lovely to see the children engaging into the spirit and the importance of Harvest. A large collection of food was gathered and sent over to Maldon Food Pantry. During the days, the children spent creating different arts and crafts, poems, songs, sign language and dances. Take a look at some of the fun we have been having.

The Flying Seagull Circus – Circus Skills September 2020

We were lucky enough to have ‘The Flying Seagull Circus’ come visit our School and share a variety of fun, engaging activities with all the children. Everybody enjoyed themselves and had a wonderful day. On this particular day, the children were required to wear colourful clothing to represent the underlying core of what the charity is all about. The Flying Seagull Circus are a well known charity who visit countries all over the world in order to bring light and laughter to those in less fortunate circumstances than others.
‘We believe that every young person has the right to a childhood with play, laughter and creativity. Our teams of clowns, entertainers and musicians work in the UK and abroad to make sure that children affected by conflict, poverty and discrimination know that their happiness matters.’ – The Flying Seagull Circus.
As a School we raised £126.00. Well done everybody!