Admission arrangements follow the Education Authority’s policy for early entry to school.

When your child starts school he/she continues to be in the Foundation Stage.

The Foundation Stage is the period of education for ages 3 to 5. The last year of the Foundation Stage is often called the Reception year as many children join a school reception class during that time. Your child will be offered a place in the September of the school year in which they are 5.

We want children to feel comfortable and secure at all times. This starts from the first time your child visits our school. Parents will be invited to a “New Intake” meeting during the term prior to their child’s actual admission. Parents will have the opportunity to discuss school procedures with the headteacher and reception class teacher.

During the half term immediately prior to admission, your child will be invited to make several visits to the school in order to become familiar with the new surroundings.   Parents will be sent details of these visits by the school office.

Please come and see us if you are thinking about joining our school.

To find out more about our School, download the brochure here:

Woodham Walter Primary School
The Street
Woodham Walter

Contact Mrs Fiddes or Mrs Spelling at the school office.

Telephone: 01245 223264


Admission Arrangements for Woodham Walter School can be found on page 81 of the following brochure: