Here are a few photos to share with you at home so you can see what a day ‘returning to school’ looks like at the moment. The children who have returned have all left school each day with a huge smile on their face as what they anticipated would be a ‘very different time’ is in fact a great time of learning and lots of practical activities. Socially distanced, the children are happy to see their friends and share stories of what they have been doing with their time at home recently.

Art Exhibition – Banksy/Hokusai/Picasso/Van Gogh/Abstract/Sculpture

Walk the mile in the morning

Church assembly with Rev. Julie

Music – The C scale – Glockenspeils and Percussion

Music – Conductor / Pulse / Ostinato / The 4 beat bar

Music – Understanding notation and rhythm


KS1 Maths

Art – Aboriginal Art – Zentangles

Lunch in the Sunshine

KS2 – Maths

Physical activities / Skipping

KS1 – Reading, Writing and Phonics

STEM week – Recycling

KS1 – Art – Sunflowers


P.E challenge week

Year 6 – Last day – Forest fun, Water fights, Mini golf, Pizza, Picnics and Ice cream