Access to documents

Parents have access to a range of documents at the school by right of The 1988 Education Reform Act. Parents wishing to consult any of these documents should apply to the school office. Documents available are:

  • The Local Authority Curriculum Statement
  • The National Curriculum
  • The procedure relating to the exclusion of children
  • Complaints procedures re the curriculum
  • Agenda and minutes of Governors’ meetings
  • Written policy documents concerning curriculum, charging and remissions, sex education, child’s National Curriculum records

All school literature is available as a hard copy; please get in touch with the office and they will be able to forward on any necessary documentation to you.  Please note that all documentation is available in large print.

Charging for school activities and visits

Many of our educational activities and trips are subsidised by the school and by the PTA.

The school will sometimes ask parents and carers to pay a voluntary contribution towards the cost of an educational activity or visit.

Provision is made for parents and carers who are unable to offer a voluntary contribution in order that no child will miss a trip if parents do not make a voluntary contribution. However, if sufficient financial support is not forthcoming the visit may have to be cancelled.

A letter will be sent home prior to the activity or visit stating when and how payment can be made. We accept cash or cheques made payable to ECC in a sealed envelope to the class teacher, via your child.

In cases such as the year 6 residential trip, we allow payment in instalments to help families to plan for the cost.

Please talk to your class teacher, the headteacher or the school office staff if you have any concerns about making any payments.